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<p>The complexities of medical billing require professionals who have a complete understanding of the reimbursement process. This course introduces you to the fundamentals of medical billing, which include forms preparation, processing, and follow-up for reimbursement. In addition, you will learn about the evolution of medical reimbursement, reimbursement methodologies, legal and regulatory issues, national diagnosis systems, and procedure coding systems.</p>


<p>Through scenarios and interactivities, this course provides you with ample opportunity to apply and practice the concepts learned and prepares you for your role as a professional in the health insurance industry.</p>

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Medical Billing (Mobile) Career Training

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Health Insurance Specialist Career Lesson 2: Managed Care Lesson 3: Processing an Insurance Claim Lesson 4: Legal and Regulatory Issues Lesson 5: Medical Coding Systems Lesson 6: CMS Reimbursement Methodologies Lesson 7: Coding for Medical Necessity Lesson 8: Essential CMS-1500 Claim Instructions Lesson 9: Commercial Insurance Lesson 10: Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans Lesson 11: Medicare Lesson 12: Medicaid Lesson 13: Tricare Lesson 14: Workers’ Compensation

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