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Medical Terminology

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Knowledge of Medical Terminology is integral for any medical professional seeking a complete understanding of medical vocabulary.

In this course, you will come across terminology used in everyday medical language. You will learn how a majority of medical terms can be broken up into word roots, combining vowels, prefixes, and suffixes to arrive at their meanings. You will also learn complementary terms, abbreviations, and words that cannot be broken into parts. You will be able to recognize the definitions, spellings, and correct pronunciations of a large number of medical terms. Through scenarios and interactivities, this course will provide you with ample opportunity to apply and practice the concepts learned, and prepare you for your role as a professional in the healthcare industry.

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Course Objectives

  • Describe the four word parts used to build medical terms.
  • Define the organs and structures (anatomy) for all major organ systems.
  • Define the word parts for all major organ systems.
  • Analyze disease and disorder, surgical, and complementary medical terms for all major organ systems.
  • Use medical terms correctly by pronouncing, spelling, and applying them in context.
  • Interpret the meaning of common abbreviations related to all major organ systems.
  • Use appropriate medical references.

Topics Covered

  • Medical terms
  • Abbreviations
  • Definitions
  • Spellings
  • Correct Pronunciations


High school diploma or equivalent


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Killeen, TX

Medical Terminology

The method is simple and user friendly.


Lone Jack, MO

Medical Terminology

Seriously enjoying getting back in the swing of things. Going back to school and using has made me extremely happy and confident in myself!


Fort Drum, NY

Medical Terminology

This is my first course but so far I love how everything self explanatory.


Fayetteville, NC

Medical Terminology

Really loved the books and all the resources to help me study!



Medical Terminology

I love the variety of activities, the aility to print PDFs, review previous material, listen or read.


Melbourne, FL

Medical Terminology

Loved Learning and studying at my own pace.

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