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Business Ethics Business Ethics - Advanced: Bullying (Compliance Snapshot)

Business Ethics - Advanced: Bullying (Compliance Snapshot)

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This course introduces the concept of workplace bullying. It has been reported that 50 percent of employees in the U.S. workforce have experienced bullying. In this course you will learn about the serious toll that bullying takes on those being bullied and on the productivity of a company. You will also learn how to spot a workplace bully and how this behavior can be prevented.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

- Define workplace bullying
- Describe the affects of bullying on companies and on those being bullied
- Describe how bullying can be prevented
- Identify a workplace bully
- List the most common reasons why bullying starts
- Outline what employers can to do create a positive workplace

Subject Matter Expert

This course is created and brought to you by 360training, a leading provider of accredited e-learning courses to working professionals through today’s leading schools, associations and corporations. 360training’s high-quality e-learning courses assist thousands of working professionals in a wide range of disciplines, helping them to succeed in today’s marketplace, to renew licenses, to acquire certification or to prepare for a new profession.

This course was created by the instructional design staff of 360training in connection with field professionals whose many years of experience in adult educational theory and distance learning technology make the process of certification, compliance and training as convenient, engaging and cost-effective as possible.

End of Course Instructions

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to print a certificate of completion from your training page.

Quiz Information

You will not be required to pass the quizzes to move on to the next lesson.


The final exam must be passed successfully with 70% or higher in order to receive your certificate of completion.

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Business Ethics - Advanced: Bullying (Compliance Snapshot)

The Bullying module is a very much a necessary tool for every workplace.


Raiford, FL

Business Ethics - Advanced: Bullying (Compliance Snapshot)

very informative



Business Ethics - Advanced: Bullying (Compliance Snapshot)

this program shares with me skills that I and ones that I need to work on to be the best employee or leader I could be. It shows how not to be a bully in the work place and how to spot one if there is one.



Business Ethics - Advanced: Bullying (Compliance Snapshot)

Cool so far

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