7517 Controlling to NERC Standards: Aspects of System Operations

Learn about NERC TOP and VAR Standards: operating security limits, system coordination, emergency operations, and more.

Includes: Certificate of Completion

Approval: #LK_Intl_001_360_7517 Controlling to NERC Standards: Aspects of System Operations

Credit Type: NERC CEH, Standards, Emergency Operations

Credit: 4 Hour(s) | Language: English

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About this Course

This course deals with aspects of NERC TOP and VAR Standards of control area transmission, operations, coordination and voltage, and reactive control. OPERATING SECURITY LIMITS & VOLTAGE CONTROL describes the key components of the requirements of NERC Standards TOP-003, TOP-004, TOP-005, TOP-006, TOP-007, TOP-008, and VAR-001 (and VAR-002), relating to these transmission operations, and voltage and reactive control, and the need to operate the power system so as to maintain transmission reliability. The SYSTEM COORDINATION explains the requirements for real-time coordination among the many control areas that comprise a power system as described in NERC Standards IRO-001 through and including IRO-006, as well as IRO-014 through IRO-016. The EMERGENCY OPERATIONS explains the requirements for emergency operations, including operating authority responsibilities, communications and coordination, capacity and energy emergencies and transmission highlighting key components of EOP-001, EOP-002, COM-001, and applicable TOP Standards cited in Operating Security topic. The RESTORATION & REPORTING describes fundamental requirements of TOP-004, EOP-004 and EOP-005 relating to emergency operations and NERC requirements and steps to be taken for system restoration, and the disturbance reporting requirements.

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