90 Hour South Carolina Salesperson Standard Package

Our 90 hour South Carolina pre-license package includes 60 credit hours for Real Estate Principles and Practices, and 30 credit hours of Advanced Real Estate Principles.

Includes: Certificate of Completion

Language: English

About this Package

Ready to dive into a South Carolina Real Estate career? You're in good hands! 360training has been a leading education provider for over 20 years. With us, you can rest assured you’re always receiving the best value. Our school has successfully educated over 65,000 real estate students since 1997. Get your license online, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

This South Carolina bundle includes the fundamental courses required for licensing in your state. That’s right, Unit 1: Real Estate Principles and Practices for Salespersons and Unit 2: Advanced Real Estate Principles are both included in this budget-friendly package for a total of 90 credit hours.

Invest in your future today!

Package Facts


What You Get

Certificate of completion


Credit Hours

90 hours


Learning Type

100% Online, Available 24/7


Course Structure

At your own pace, save progress as you go



Phone, email, and chat support available


Course Update

Content is updated and current

Package Includes

Online Proctor

Online Proctor

The South Carolina Pre-License Exam is proctored online using the webcam on the computer. The exam will be proctored by one of our online proctors. All students will be allowed a total of two exam attempts with no additional fee. Should you fail after your second attempt, you will need to wait 90 days before attempting the exam again.

Our online proctoring is available:

Monday through Friday 8 AM (CST) to 8 PM (CST)

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

To access your exam, simply launch the course in the 360training LMS (Learning Management System) and follow the detailed instructions.

Access Requirements:  

Operating System

Microsoft Windows (Version 7+)
MacOS (Version 10+)
*Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, and mobile devices are not supported.

Web Browser

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
Download Google Chrome or Download Mozilla Firefox

Internet Speed

Upload: 4Mbps or greater

Download: 4Mbps or greater
You can run a speed test by clicking here.

*Tethering and HotSpots are not supported.

Web Camera

For best results use the built-in web cam
or a USB camera and microphone.

If you’re attempting to access the Online Proctoring Service using any other operating system and/or browser, your system will fail the compatibility test and you will not be able to take the exam.

If your system does not meet these minimum requirements or if you need assistance, please contact our support team at support@360training.com.

Minimum System Requirements:

Internet Connection (bandwidth) speed of at least 4 Mbps

Built-In or USB Camera and Microphone

If your system does not meet these minimum requirements or if you need assistance, please contact our support team at support@360training.com.

Exam Rules

There are a few specific items you MUST have in order to start the exam:

  • Valid government ID
  • Small handheld mirror

Additionally, here is a list of items that are PROHIBITED from being in the room during your exam:

  • Food and/or Drinks
  • ANY electronic devices other than the computer you’re using to access your exam. Including but not limited to: cell phones, smart watches, any additional screens or monitors
  • Any other items or materials

Other rules:

  • No talking during the exam
  • No moving locations during the exam
  • No restroom breaks will be allowed
  • Absolutely no cheating

If cheating is suspected:

  • Your proctor will lock your exam to address the suspect behavior
  • If the issue is resolved, the proctor will unlock the exam and you will be allowed to continue
  • If the suspect behavior continues, your exam will be locked and an Incident Report will be filed
  • If there is clear evidence of cheating your exam results will be invalidated and you will not receive your certification
  • If you are found to be sharing or distributing any exam items (including questions and answers or other information) your exam will be invalidated, you will not receive your certification, and you may be held liable for copyright violations.


Exam Instructions:

Our online proctoring is available Monday – Friday between 7am to 10pm (CST). To access your exam, simply launch the course in the 360training LMS and proceed through the following steps:

  • After reading the course instructions and additional information in the course, you will be connected to a live proctor in our office who will supervise you during your exam using your computer screen, camera and microphone.
  • The proctor will then walk you through a series of pre-exam instructions before your exam is unlocked which will include the following steps:
    • Ensure that the door is closed to the room
    • Ensure that all windows have the curtains pulled or the blinds fully covered
    • Show the proctor the surface and underneath your desk
    • Slowly do a 360-degree scan of the room walls.
    • Slowly do a 360-degree scan of the ceiling
    • Slowly do a scan of the floor around your desk area
    • Slowly move your camera up across the surface of their computer so your keyboard is visible
    • Show the proctor what is underneath your mouse and mouse-pad if you are using one
    • Use a hand mirror and place it a foot in front of the camera so the proctor can see if there are any notes attached to your screen
    • Slowly show the proctor what is in your pockets
    • Show the proctor your wrists to ensure that you are not wearing a smartwatch
    • You must ensure that all applications on your system outside of your browser are closed, including any background applications, specifically those used for sharing a screen, taking notes or any communication applications used for conferencing, by running a script to demonstrate that all unauthorized applications are closed.
  • Once you’ve completed the pre-exam instructions, your proctor will unlock your exam and you can begin. You will have 90 minutes to complete your exam.
  • Once you have answered all the questions, you will be able to review your answers on the “Answer Review” screen before you submit them for grading
  • Review your answers by clicking individual questions in the list
  • Once you have finished reviewing all of your selected answers and you’re ready to grade your exam, click “Submit”
  • Your exam will be automatically graded upon clicking “Submit”
  • You will then be notified whether you’ve passed or failed the exam and you’ll see a summary of your performance by topic

Please note: Throughout the exam, you MUST remain visible to the camera and your computer screen must be shared with your proctor. Your entire proctor session will be recorded; the recording will include you, your computer screen and the audio from the room you’re in.

Regulatory Information

Name:South Carolina Real Estate Commission
Phone:803- 896-4400
Website URL:https://llr.sc.gov/re/
Email Address:Contact.REC@llr.sc.gov
Address:Synergy Business Park; Kingstree Building110 Centerview Dr. Suite# 201

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