Anti-Harassment Best Practices for Managers

For Managers

Gain the knowledge to define harassment, understand laws, promote a strong anti-harassment policy, and document incidents. Enroll today!

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Duration: 2 Hour(s) | Language: English

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About this Course

Anti-Harassment Training for Managers offers a comprehensive program that equips managers with the knowledge and skills to address and prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. This course goes beyond defining these behaviors and delves into the legal aspects surrounding various forms of harassment.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Throughout the course, participants will:

  • Learn to promote a solid anti-harassment or "zero-tolerance" policy within their teams.
  • Gain insights into effective strategies for documenting harassment incidents, ensuring an efficient investigation process by their company's Human Resources department.
  • Clearly understand their role in preventing such behavior and protecting employees from harassment situations.
  • Acquire the necessary tools to create a workplace culture prioritizing respect, inclusivity, and compliance with anti-harassment laws.

This course emphasizes fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity in the workplace. They will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a more respectful, inclusive, and harmonious work environment where all individuals can thrive.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is recommended for employers, managers, and supervisors responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and respectful work environment. It also benefits individuals who handle employee relations, investigations, and policy development. Taking this course will ensure that these professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to address and prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation effectively.

Course Facts


What You Get

Certificate of Completion



2 Hours


Learning Type

100% online, available 24/7


Course Access

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Course Structure

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Course Updates

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Topics Covered

This course consists of the following content:

  • Lesson 1: Harassment: The Law
  • Lesson 2: What are the EEOC and FEPAs
  • Lesson 3: Sex and Gender-Based Discrimination and Harassment
  • Lesson 4: Sexual Harassment
  • Lesson 5: Preventing Sexual Harassment as a Supervisor
  • Lesson 6: Ending Harassment in the Workplace
  • Lesson 7: Investigating Harassment Claims
  • Lesson 8: Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints

What You'll Learn

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Distinguish between discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and identify various forms harassment can take in the workplace (including harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation)
  • Understand the laws that protect victims against sexual harassment. 
  • Explain how to recognize sexual harassment situations and respond to complaints.
  • Identify management's responsibilities in preventing and reporting sexual harassment
  • Understand how to draft a formal complaint record
  • Understand your options in filing a charge of discrimination with federal (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), state anti-discrimination, and harassment agencies.

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