Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) - Comprehensive Course

Get a comprehensive overview of Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), including Truth and Negotiations, Procurement Integrity, and more.

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Duration: 1 Hour(s) | Language: English | 4.5 (4 Ratings)

About this Course

This course begins by providing an overview of the rules and regulations associated with the Federal Acquisition Regulation, known as the FAR for short. In this course, you will learn about FAR subchapters and clauses and you will learn how supplements work. You will also learn the consequences of not complying with the FAR.

Next, this course introduces the Truth and Negotiations Act (TINA). In this course you will learn the purpose of TINA and the criteria that must be met to be in compliance with the Act.Also, this course outlines FAR subpart 9.5. In this course you will learn what this section of FAR covers and the responsibilities of contracting officers. You will also learn about some of the problems faced by contractors and how those conflicts can be resolved.

Finally, this course discusses the Procurement Integrity Act, as outlined in section 3.104 of the FAR. In this course you will learn what is covered under the procurement integrity provisions of the FAR and the three major provisions in the Act. You will also learn about some of the responsibilities of agencies and bidders and the penalties that result from violating this section of the FAR.

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