Financial Reporting (Comprehensive Course)

Learn the causes of inaccurate financial statements and a 5-part process for more responsible financial reporting.

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Duration: 1 Hour(s) | Language: English

About this Course

Every company, regardless of size is responsible for reporting their financial information. This course begins with a discussion or accurate and reliable financial reporting. You will learn a five-part process that will lead to more responsible financial reporting. Also, you will learn to differentiate between reliability and relevancy when it comes to financial statements. Also, this course introduces the concept of whistleblowers, those who expose what they perceive to be unlawful and unethical behavior in their companies. This course will teach you about the types of activities whistleblowers often expose and the two most common types of whistleblowers. You will also learn how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act affects whistleblowers and the types of policies your company should have in place should someone feel compelled to report something they believe to be unlawful. Finally, this course discusses the concept of internal controls. You will learn about the main objectives of internal controls and who they were created by. You will also learn about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and its relationship to internal controls. This course begins with a discussion of accuracy and reliability in financial reporting. One segment of this course discusses whistleblowers, or individuals that choose to speak up against poor financial reporting. The course concludes by highlighting the key way any organization can safeguard themselves against inaccurate financial reporting -- the use of strong internal controls.

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