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About this Course

What is Pedestal Mounted Crane Operator Safety Training? 

If you aren’t properly trained on how to operate a pedestal mounted crane, you could be putting everyone at your construction site at risk. In fact, OSHA requires all pedestal mounted crane operators to take a safety training course to learn the safest way to do their jobs.  

Our training course teaches you everything you need to know, including what a pedestal mounted crane is, what it can be used for, the mechanics of pedestal mounted cranes, and of course, how to safely operate them.  

Who Should Take Pedestal Mounted Crane Operator Safety Training? 

While OSHA only requires pedestal mounted crane operators to take this safety training, the information in this course can be beneficial to those who work in close proximity to pedestal mounted cranes as well. 

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Topics Covered

  • How to safely operate a pedestal mounted crane 
  • The anatomy and mechanics of pedestal mounted cranes 
  • Common safety hazards you might face when operating a pedestal mounted crane 


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