"Pick Your Own 6 Hour Electives" Connecticut CE Package

Fulfill your elective credits by choosing any combo of our 5 DCP-approved courses for salespersons or brokers. Enroll now and study online!

Includes: Certificate of Completion

Duration: 6 Hour(s) | Language: English

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About this Package

Looking to complete your CE for a real estate license in Connecticut? Whether you're a salesperson or a broker, this package can help you can satisfy your elective requirements while studying what really interests you.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) requires 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years. Some of these hours must be devoted to mandatory topics, but the remainder can be any electives of your choice.

This package comes with 5 three-hour courses so you can pick the topics that will help you the most to meet your required elective hours.

If you're a residential real estate agent, our Fair Housing course can help you avoid hot water due to anti-discrimination laws.

If you work with investors or commercial real estate, our courses on Asset Management and 1031 Exchanges may round out your ability to advise clients.

The courses we offer on Contracts or on Liens, Taxes & Foreclosures can provide useful information for anyone.

Once you've passed each elective's final exam, you'll get a certificate of completion for your records. We'll also report your credits to DCP.

Package Facts


What You Get

Certificate of completion


Credit Hours

6 hours


Required Pre-Requisites

Salesperson or broker's license


Meet Requirements

DCP-approved courses


Renewal requirements

Every 2 years


Course Updates

Content is updated and current

Package Includes

Course Information

1031 Real Estate Exchanges

Pick this elective to gain 3 credit-hours while learning how to get your clients tax deferment on exchanging like-kind, income-producing property.

  • Approved by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)
  • Studying the meaning, use, and scope of IRS Section 1031 for commercial real estate
  • Includes your official certificate of completion

Visit the individual course page to learn more about the curriculum.

Asset Management

Choose this class to satisfy 3 credit-hours while studying asset management services.

  • Connecticut DCP-approved
  • Examine the decision-making process for maximizing returns on real property investments
  • Includes your official certificate of completion

Visit the individual course page to learn more about the curriculum.


Complete 3 credit-hours on contract law when you pick this elective.

  • Connecticut DCP-approved
  • Brush up on contract types, the legal effects and elements of a contract, and how a contract is discharged or terminated
  • Includes your official certificate of completion

Visit the individual course page to learn more about the curriculum.

Fair Housing

Pick this topic to fulfill 3 elective credit-hours learning the ins and outs of preventing housing discrimination.

  • Connecticut DCP-approved
  • Go over the history of housing discrimination, the laws that address it, and how to avoid violations
  • Includes your official certificate of completion

Visit the individual course page to learn more about the curriculum.

Liens, Taxes & Foreclosures

Pick this course to satisfy 3 credits with an introduction to the role of real estate in debt repayment.

  • Connecticut DCP-approved
  • Explore the types of liens and taxes that can attach to real estate and the process by which lienholders collect on debt
  • Includes your official certificate of completion

Visit the individual course page to learn more about the curriculum.

Regulatory information

Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)

Phone: 860-713-6150

Fax: 860-713-7230

Website URL: https://portal.ct.gov/dcp

Email Address: license.services@ct.gov

Address: 165 Capitol Avenue, Room 110 

City: Hartford

State: CT

Zip: 06106-1630


How do I know you're a Connecticut DCP-approved course provider?

You can find us on DCP's school and course search as 360training (our parent company).

What is the deadline for completing my continuing education courses?

Renewals are required every year in Connecticut, but you only need to complete continuing education every 2 years.

For salespersons, everyone's renewal deadline is on May 31st, with CE requirements due in the even-numbered years (2020, 2022, etc).

For brokers, renewal deadlines are May 31st, with CE credits due in even-numbered years.

How many mandatory credits and elective credits do I need?

The total is always 12 hours, but DCP may switch up the proportion of mandatory hours from cycle to cycle. In 2018, it was 3 mandatory hours and 9 elective hours. In 2020, it's 6 mandatory hours and 6 elective hours. In the future, it may change again.

Check DCP's site for current requirements. Any way you slice it, you can fulfill all elective requirements with this package.

Where can I get my mandatory credits?

Unfortunately, AgentCampus by 360training only offers electives in Connecticut at this time. Check DCP's website for approved mandatory course providers.

This is my first CE-year renewal – do I need continuing education?

It depends. New licensees are exempt from CE if they took their licensing exam during the current CE period.

For salespersons, each CE period runs from June 1st of an even-numbered year to May 31st of the next even-numbered year.

For brokers, each CE period runs from April 1st of an even-numbered year to March 31st of the next even-numbered year.

This means that for some people, they won't owe any CE until they've been licensed for as many as 4 years. For others, it can be as soon as 2 years, if their licensing exam fell in the last few days of a CE period.

When do my courses expire? 

Your courses will expire one (1) year after you purchase them (the date you submit payment), unless the course itself indicates otherwise. 

For more information about course expiration dates, please read our Terms of Use

What if I need a refund for my training course?

If for some reason you are not happy and would like a refund, send us a request within 72 hours of purchase. Here are the eligibility requirements you must meet:

  • Your purchase was made no more than 72 hours prior to your refund request.
  • You have NOT:
    • Attempted any portion of a test or exam.
    • Requested or been issued a certificate of completion.
    • Completed 50% or more of the purchased course.

If you meet all of these criteria, submit your refund request in writing via email to support@360training.com with a proof-of-purchase receipt and an explanation for why you are requesting a refund.

You can find more information about our refund policy here.

Regulatory Information

Name:Department of Consumer Protection Connecticut - Real Estate Commission
Website URL:https://www.ct.gov/dcp/site/default.asp
Email Address:license.services@ct.gov
Address:165 Capitol Avenue, Room 110

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