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Prepare for your New York salesperson license exam with focused New York-specific topic reviews and simulated test questions.

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About this Course

Prepare for your New York salesperson license exam with focused New York-specific topic reviews and simulated test questions. The course includes both key content review and testing practice.  The course is New York-specific, not just simplistic generic content, but relevant and accurate state laws and regulations presented in a well-organized set of ‘key point reviews’ which are ideal for pre-test memorization.  This course precisely follows the official New York salesperson syllabus topic by topic in the correct ordered sequence. Consequently, the material serves as a more user-friendly review for students who have taken pre-license courses throughout New York containing this required content and organization. Finally, our review content and question selection is tailored to follow the state testing outline promulgated by the state of New York. Therefore, the selected legal points and test questions reflect the topic emphasis of your New York license exam.

New York-Specific Sections:

Unit One: License Law and Regulations
Unit Two: Law of Agency And Disclosure
Unit Three: Estates and Interests
Unit Four: Liens and Easements
Unit Five: Deeds and Conveyances
Unit Six: Title Closing and Costs
Unit Seven: Contract of Sale And Leases
Unit Eight: Real Estate Finance
Unit Nine: Land Use Regulations
Unit Ten: Construction and Environmental Issues
Unit Eleven: Valuation Process and Pricing Properties
Unit Twelve: Human Rights and Fair Housing
Unit Thirteen: Municipal Agencies
Unit Fourteen: Property Insurance
Unit Fifteen: Licensee Safety
Unit Sixteen: Taxes and Assessments
Unit Seventeen: Condominiums and Cooperatives
Unit Eighteen: Commercial and Investment Properties
Unit Nineteen: Income Tax Issues in Real Estate Transactions
Unit Twenty: Mortgage Brokerage
Unit Twenty-One: Property Management
Unit Twenty-Two: Real Estate Math


Course Objectives

Section I: New York Practices & Law Key Point Review

Section II: Real Estate Math Key Formula Review & Practice

Section III: 22 Practice Tests (560 questions with explanations also in NY salesperson order)

Section IV: New York Sample Exam (100 questions)​

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