Washington Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST)

Earn your MAST permit training at your own pace with our Washington State-approved Mandatory Alcohol Server Training course. Our Washington MAST course is only offered in English, but the final exam can be taken in English, Spanish, or Korean.

Includes: Certificate of Completion

Duration: 3 Hour(s) | Language: English | 4.0 (2 Ratings)

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About this Course

This course provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques you need to be a responsible seller of alcohol. Specifically, you will learn how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability; how alcohol affects your customers; how to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers; how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated; how to intervene when you need to refuse a sale to someone; how to prevent and deal with disturbances; how to accurately check IDs and recognize minors; how to prevent second-party sales; and how to refuse a sale.

Our MAST training course includes six lessons critical to responsible alcohol serving. The three-hour alcohol seller/server course provides students with all the MAST requirements in a convenient class. At the end of the course you will be provided with a final exam where you must achieve a passing score of 80% or greater. Once the course is completed, participants will be reported to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, and your Class 12 or Class 13 MAST Permit will be mailed to you upon course completion.  Our MAST course also offers dedicated customer support, and the flexibility to log on and off the course as needed. 

This course is held on a WSLCB certified third‐party website. If you have any questions related to course access, technical issues, and course content, please contact our Customer Support Team at (877) 881-2235 or by email at support@360training.com.

WSLCB has certified the MAST course based on the Washington Administrative Code 314‐17 and any other information on this website that is not a part of the MAST course may not been certified by WSLCB.

Course Facts


What You Get

WA MAST Class 12 or Class 13 Permit


Permit Renewal Requirements

5 years



3 hours


Learning Type

100% online, available 24/7 


Course Structure

At your own pace, save progress as you go 


Course Updates

Content is updated and current 

Topics Covered

  • Lesson 1: Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Program 
  • Lesson 2: How Alcohol Affects the Body 
  • Lesson 3: Minors and Liability 
  • Lesson 4: Apparently Intoxicated Person (AIP)
  • Lesson 5: Liability
  • Lesson 6: Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) Regulations


How long does it take to complete my MAST permit training? 

The course only takes about three hours. Our course is self-paced, however, so you can take your time and take breaks as you choose. In addition, it’s available 24/7, so you’ll be able to access it whenever you wish.

How do I check that your course is WSLCB-approved? 

You can confirm our authorization on the WSLCB website. Look for “360training.com,Inc./Learn2Serve.com.” 

How long does a MAST permit last?

Once it has been issued, a MAST permit lasts for five years. If you wish to continue past five years, you must repeat a training course and earn a new MAST permit before your expiration. There is no grace period for renewal. For this reason, the WSLCB recommends that you begin MAST training at least 45 days before your current expiration.

How do I become re-certified once my MAST Permit expires?

Once your MAST Permit expires you will be required to re-take the MAST Course in order to receive a new MAST Permit.

Note: The Washington State Liquor Cannabis Board (WSLCB) recommends that you renew your MAST Permit before your current one expires. You are required to have a valid (not expired) MAST Permit on you at all times you are working.

What type of MAST Permit should I get?

Class 12 Mixologist Permit:
For managers, bartenders and anyone who draws alcohol from a tap, mixes drinks with alcohol, or conducts tastings in grocery stores and is at least 21 years of age. Class 12 permit holders are also authorized to perform duties that are permitted with the Class 13 permit. Every licensed business where spirits, beer, and/or wine are consumed on the premises must have at least one Class 12 permit holder on duty.

Class 13 Servers Permit:
For servers and ID checkers who are at least 18 years of age and whose duties include carrying alcohol to a customer and/or opening beer or wine and pouring it into a customer's glass at their table. Class 13 permit holders are not permitted to mix drinks or draw beer or wine from a tap.

What if I’m under the age of 18?

In Washington State you cannot serve or sell alcohol if you are under 18 years of age. However, if you are within a minimum of 30 days from your 18th birthday you may sign up and complete a MAST Permit course and exam, but you will not receive your permit until you turn 18.

Is there a way for my employer to verify my MAST training?

Your employer can verify the status of your MAST permit on WSLCB's website. If you have any trouble related to verifying your permit, please contact customer service at (877) 881-2235 or support@360training.com.

What happens if I fail the final exam? 

You will have three attempts to pass the final exam with a score of at least 80%. If you were unable to pass your final exam after your three attempts, you will need to re-purchase the course and reattempt the exam.


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