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How eLearning Can Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

F Marie Athey OHST August 7, 2013 0


You may already know that the Enterprise Solutions division of is using the latest eLearning technologies to offer world-class corporate training programs.

Did you know we’re also helping businesses meet the state and federal compliance requirements that will keep them out of legal trouble? partners with leading companies across many industries to give them online access to compliance and training resources. There are more than 6,000 courses tailor-made for individual employees to take in their spare time or for entire corporate divisions to take as part of ongoing training and development.

Enterprise Solutions can customize a program for your company. We can even integrate course content into your existing learning management system. Cloud-based learning management and content authoring let companies track and report student progress anywhere, anytime.

So … What does this have to do with helping your company avoid lawsuits?

Here are some of the industry sectors we work with every day and some examples of how our Enterprise Solutions keep our corporate clients safe, certified and out of trouble.

HR, Ethics and Compliance

Kickbacks. Bribes. Nepotism. Quid pro quo. What’s acceptable on the job, what’s a little shady, and what is downright illegal? The answers aren’t always clear. That’s why our Conflict of Interest course is helpful for companies where a breach of trust could lead to legal headaches.

Then there are sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits. They’re a great way to sink a successful company FAST. You and your business are liable for punitive and compensatory damages if there is even a hint of illegal hiring policies or a hostile work environment. Our Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers course (available in English and Spanish) will equip your managers with the knowledge they need to ensure a safe and productive workforce. It will also keep you out of the courtroom by showing that you have taken the necessary actions to train your employees.

Food and Beverage

Cooks, waitstaff, bartenders and managers need state-specific training in food safety and responsible liquor sales. With DUI laws getting tougher, bartenders and the establishments they work for can be found liable if a drinking and driving tragedy results from a customer being over-served in their establishment. And with food poisoning making headlines (and ruining the reputation of restaurants in the process), safe food handling is an absolute must for restaurants, hotels, grocers and any other businesses that handle food.

We have courses appropriate for just about every food and beverage establishment across the country. One of our most popular courses is the Texas TABC seller-server course, which covers how to keep alcohol out of the hands of minors and how to recognize the signs of intoxication. In Texas, the course is not only required—it’s how bars and restaurants protect themselves in an increasingly litigious society.

Environmental Health and Safety

We offer a wide range of EHS programs in English and Spanish. But here’s one of the most popular: Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training is for companies that work with potentially hazardous materials.

How do you know if HAZWOPER (or another kind of EHS training) is right for your employees? Whether you have your own team or you hire contract employees, you need to protect your business from liability claims. Learn about how courts determine liability. Learn about OSHA’s standards regarding contractor safety. EHS compliance means preventing workplace injuries and staying compliant with OSHA’s ever-changing requirements. Whether they sit behind the wheel of a cement truck or behind the desk in a corporate office, we can train employees from construction sites to executive board rooms.

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