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How Well-Trained Is Your Staff?

Stephen Brockman December 11, 2015 0

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Every year, seventy-six million people in the U.S. get sick from something they eat. If a food safety issue happens in your establishment, it can hurt your revenue, your staff, and your customers. When food safety issues occur through food and beverage services in restaurants, it is usually due to a lack of training. There are a lot of reasons to create a restaurant staff training plan and some convenient ways to make sure everyone gets the training they need.

Why Train Your Staff

Whether you provide service in a restaurant, food and beverage service in hotel settings or any other type of food service, your staff is your strongest ally in reducing foodborne illness. Food safety and beverage training programs can assure that they know the proper procedures and are more likely to follow them.

It’s likely that your staff is required to undergo food safety training by law. Nationwide, only managers are required to be food safety certified. But, there may be additional requirements in your state or local area. Additionally, the FDA Food Code specifies that all restaurant staff needs a working knowledge of food safety.

A restaurant or hotel staff training plan means that you can ensure a high level of quality control. You know that everyone has gone through the same food safety and beverage training modules and has learned the proper way to ensure guest safety. Consistent food safety training is the first step in creating a culture of safety in your kitchens. And, when all of your employees have gone through the same training, they get a better appreciation for the requirements of their jobs.

When foodborne illnesses strike an establishment, it can cost millions in fines and lost business. According to the USDA, the cost of foodborne illnesses exceeds $15.6 billion every year. By ensuring that your staff is properly trained, you can save your facility from costly errors.

How to Get Them Trained

Time constraints can be a challenge when it comes to the food safety and beverage training private clubs, restaurants and hotels require. But, the time invested can pay off dividends in better ratings for your establishment, a healthier and safer kitchen and a stellar reputation.

The food safety and beverage training restaurants and other facilities need to stay on top of their requirements can easily be administered through online training programs. Online training offers a lot of benefits for your business. Employees can do the training modules at their convenience, either at the restaurant or from home. Online training can be done in a group or individually. The training modules don’t require an onsite trainer, meaning that your personnel hours are used more efficiently. This also leads to lower staffing costs. And, the training can be self-paced, so every employee can take as much or as little time is needed learning about the food safety practices that keep a kitchen safe and your customers healthy.

Each restaurant, hotel, and club where food and drinks are served holds part of the responsibility for better food safety. By keeping your staff well-trained and up-to-date on the latest best practices, you can improve your kitchen’s food safety record and keep your customers healthy and happy.



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