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Friday Regulatory Roundup – Jan. 5th Edition

Matt Luman January 5, 2018 0

Welcome to 2018: We are starting off cold! Across the US this week we have experienced record setting low temperatures and snow in some unexpected places. Stay warm and safe out there; this is the time to remind your team the importance of cold safety and cold stress. – Matt Luman, OSHA Outreach Trainer

Seventy-Five Percent of Construction Firms Plan to Expand Headcount in 2018

January 3 – Good news from the Association of General Contractors! With contractors feeling optimistic about the economy and in the midst of regulatory cuts, seventy-five percent of construction firms polled said they are planning on expanding headcounts in 2018. Time to prepare!

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Prevention

January – From the CDC, it’s time to review carbon monoxide poisoning prevention. Working indoors in shops has increased risk for CO poisoning as workers are less likely to have proper airflow in the area. When power outages occur also, alternative forms of power can increase the amount of carbon monoxide in the area. Read up and stay safe!

Proof Your Business for Wildfires

December 29 – With all the wildfires seen across the west in December, it’s time for all of us to check what we can do to futureproof our businesses from the threat of fires. Simple steps can be implemented and mean a huge difference when an emergency occurs.

Workplace Safety Auditing Forms

January – Free auditing forms for 2018 are available to download right now! Get your safety off to the right start with these tools from OSHAcampus!

Emerging Infectious Diseases

January – The CDC just released its latest volume of their report on emerging infectious diseases: high-consequence pathogens. This extensive 200-page report is worth a glance to look at what to watch out for and what to be prepared to fight against.

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