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Friday Regulatory Roundup – November 10th Enterprise

Matt Luman November 10, 2017 0

With a week into November, there are a lot of new things to talk about. As the weather has turned colder in many parts of the US, we have to start thinking about cold-weather PPE, driving in adverse conditions, and the dreaded (from an occupational safety standpoint) No-Shave November. Let’s navigate through this together with some highlights and reminders for winter – Matt Luman, OSHA Outreach Trainer and EHS Product Manager

Seasonal Flu is Here

November – Now that we are progressing into winter, seasonal flu is here with vengeance. Whether or not your company promotes getting a flu shot for prevention, workers and employers need to know how to reduce the spread of seasonal flu in workplaces. Do yourself a solid, and read up on preventing the risk for pandemic flu.

U.S. Department of Labor Resumes Regular Enforcement in Florida and Georgia

November 7 – After the string of disasters that have struck region 4, normal enforcement through much of Florida and Georgia has resumed. In a public statement, region administrator Kurt Petermeyer said that OSHA “will continue to assist employers and workers in those isolated areas most heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma”. If any business in region 4 needs assistance from the recent hurricane, please follow the link above and reach out to local OSHA offices.

It’s Official: ASSE to Become American Society of Safety Professionals

November – In an update that was a long time coming, the American Society of Safety Engineers is now going to be the American Society of Safety Professionals. This will be reflected in 2018 when their website is redesigned and updated. Engineers no longer make up the bulk of the safety profession. As such, the new wording correctly identifies the direction that the profession has gravitated towards.

To Beard or not to Beard? That’s a good Question!

November 2 – With the month of November comes a tradition that in all good intent – is great for bringing awareness to cancer. No-Shave November is a non-profit organization that grows cancer awareness and raises funds to support cancer prevention, research, and education. Guys all around are forgoing the razor in favor of letting the beard grow. In an industrial setting however, this can raise concerns over respirator fit. Follow the link above to learn how to navigate around any potential issues. There is a great image you can print out that highlights styles that work, as well as those that don’t!

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