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Friday Regulatory Roundup – September 8th

Matt Luman September 8, 2017 0
Friday Regulatory Roundup – September 8th

Friday Regulatory Round Up - 360training Enterprise

FEMA Hurricane Harvey Central Portal

September 8th – Although hurricane Harvey came and went across the Gulf Coast two weeks ago, the effects will be felt for years. Rebuilding and recovery mode is on for gulf cities right now. Be sure to check out the latest news straight from FEMA, with loads of other helpful information such as how to help and where to get assistance.

Disaster Recovery Assistance

September – After any declared national disaster, there are laws in place to protect employees affected by the disaster. If your workforce has been effected by hurricane Harvey, see what disaster assistance is available from the workforce commission. Don’t make a mistake by breaking labor laws during a time of disaster.

Air Quality Continues to Improve, While U.S. Economy Continues to Grow

August 2nd – In case you missed it, the EPA released its annual report on air quality. Thankfully, the United States has made significant progress under the 45 years of the Clean Air Act. Check out the report in all its detail, and see how your company plays a role by clicking the link above. Helps You Prepare for Hurricane Irma

September 8th – Getting prepared for Irma is a task that millions of citizens need to take. As it makes landfall, simply preparation can mean huge differences in the case of a severe disaster. Read tips, look up hurricane shelters and see the latest news from federal sites.

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