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Mitigating risk and ensuring the reliability of the power system in North America is critical to both our national security and our economic development. Our enterprise solutions for the Power and Utilities industry are designed to esnure our clients remain compliant by meeting the key industry compliance, training, and reporting requirements as mandated by both NERC and OSHA.

Power & Utilities Compliance Solutions Library

We offer the largest collection of NERC approved online courses with over 150 different titles to choose from. Unlike our competitors, we have also combined these training and compliance courses into a single, cost-effective solution designed to meet your organization’s specific compliance and training needs. Please choose from the following Power & Utilities libraries or contact us today to discuss a customized solution.

360 Learner for Life Library for Power & Utilities ProfessionalsOur best value! Designed to meet the ongoing compliance and professional development needs for all non-NERC professionals.

360 Learner for Life Library for NERC System OperatorThis library will provide the user with unlimited access to our NERC courses, plus additional workplace compliance and professional development courses.

360 Power & Utilities LibraryDesigned for employees who require general industry training.

360 NERC CE Library — This library will provide the user with unlimited access to all of our NERC courses.

Most Popular Power and Utilities Courses:

  • 900 Power Plant Control Room Operator Series
  • 1100 Grid Dynamics Series
  • 2100 System Protection Technology Series
  • 2500 Gas Turbine Power Generation Series
  • 2700 Hydro Electric Power Plant Operator Series
  • 7100 Electrical Fundamentals Series
  • 7500 Transmission System Operator Series
  • 7700 Condition Monitoring Series
  • 8000 Distribution System Training Series

Latest News on Power and Utilities

Renewable Energy is the Future

Renewable Energy is the Future

Matt Luman January 11, 2018 0

  2017 has left many fearful for the future of the energy industry. Current domestic policy seems to place heavy emphasis on fossil fuels like coal and oil. However, green energy is still winning victories and positioning itself as the future of our power. Renewable energy is growing at remarkable rates, to the point where the implementation of the systems is limiting growth more than market demand. Electricity generation by renewable energy is already creeping up on that of na ... Read More »

Mobility in the future: Power and Utilities Spotlight

Mobility in the future: Power and Utilities Spotlight

Matt Luman November 10, 2017 0

If you've been paying attention to what is happening in the automobile industry lately, you’ve seen some amazing things being invented while other advanced technologies are expected in the near future. Tesla's recently unveiled their Model 3, and their product has been largely pre-ordered more than any other auto in history. Within days of the launch, approximately 400,000 individuals put down $1,000 for an electric car they will get in 2018. Other than the $400 million Tesla received, ... Read More »

Power Up with the Technology of the Future

Power Up with the Technology of the Future

Matt Luman November 9, 2017 0

Technology has always been central to power and utilities, but how has the digitization of the 21st century changed the industry? It’s no longer the technology of the future; it’s the technology of the moment. Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet made the full transition into all areas of the industry. The good news is that it’s changing quickly. Some companies call themselves digital leaders while not really committing to it with significant investment. There’s a lot of ambition and ex ... Read More »

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