OSHA DOL Card Courses:

DOL Cards, also known as OSHA Cards, are physical, wallet-sized cards that are distributed to students who complete an OSHA-accepted training program.

Durable, Plastic DOL Card Now Included with Your OSHA-Accepted Course. Shipped Within 2 Weeks.

Historically, the cards that have been distributed were made of paper, which made them hard to maintain and keep track of. 360training.com recently became the online training company to offer plastic DOL wallet cards. These sturdy, plastic cards offer a ton of benefits for workers, such as

  • Shipped within 2 weeks
  • Minimized risk of loss or damage
  • Lasts longer than paper card, withstanding more wear and tear
  • Less likely to need to pay for and order a replacement card.

Plastic DOL card

These durable, plastic cards are now available to all individuals who successfully complete one of 360training.com's OSHA-accepted online training programs. See the courses below and enroll today:

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