Forklift and Heavy Equipment Training Hazard Communication/GHS (HazCom) - Worker Safety Course Online

Hazard Communication/GHS (HazCom) - Worker Safety Course Online

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  • Duration: 0.75 Hour(s)


OSHA, hazcom, construction, maritime, general industry


Course Objectives

To help employers or to help workers complete OSHA-compliant HazCom/GHS safety training and properly record it. Each class covers an introduction to the standards and HazCom requirements, a section on SDS, Labels, Pictograms, Safe Operations, Hazards, Case Studies and More.





End of Course Instructions

Upon completion of this course, you will have immediate access to your certificate and wallet card. You will also get access to a customizable checklist which can be used by your supervisor, if needed, to observe you in the workplace


Quiz Information

Quiz questions along the way prepare users for the final written exam

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