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Quickbooks Bookkeeping - Level 3

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"Quickbooks Computerised Accounts course is about how to use Quickbooks based on the most popular functions which you as a Quickbooks operator needs to know how to use, in order to be proficient in using the software at LEVEL 3.

The learning is structured in a practical way. You are given a practical scenario assignment. There are various tasks to complete. You are given the task to do and have a go at, and then the video answer is available. It is suggested that you:

  • Read the task
  • Watch the video
  • Have a go at it yourself on your own system
  • Rewatch the video (if necessary) - to reinforce the learning
  • You'll learn how to enter opening balances, post journals, calculate depreciation, dispose of assets, process the year end, run reports amongst over things.

    This is a useful course if:

    • You need to take your bookkeeping skills to the next level
    • You are going for jobs which have a requirement for you to be able to use this software
    • You want to put this skill on your CV, or
    • You are a bookkeeper or accountant and will be using this for clients or even
    • You run your own business and want to know how to use Quickbooks for yourself.
    • You will need to have access to a copy of quickbooks 2006 edition – the version which this teaching is based on. Versions 2003, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 aren't too dis-similar from the edition which this is based on. If you have a newer version, and get stuck, the instructor is usually online to answer student queries for 2 hours each day.

    The course materials includes the handout of the assignment task.

    Successful completion of the course is the equivalent to being at the level of having a level 3 certificate in computerised accounts.

    The course will take about 3 hours to complete."


    Bookkeepers and Accountants who need to increase their skills set


Topics Covered

  • Section 1: Getting Prepared - Access the software and course materials
  • Section 2: Getting Started
  • Section 3: Setting Up The System
  • Section 4: Nominal Ledger
  • Section 5: Bad Debt
  • Section 6: Asset disposal
  • Section 7: Depreciation
  • Section 8: Prepayments & Accruals
  • Section 9: Closing stock adjustment
  • Section 10: Capital
  • Section 11: Reports
  • Section 12: Year End
  • Section 13: Written answers
  • Section 14: Concluding lecture


You will need access to Quickbooks Desktop (preferably version 2006 - although recent versions - 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 are very similar)

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