Firm Element Anti-Money Laundering for Supervisors (Interactive)

Anti-Money Laundering for Supervisors (Interactive)

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While money laundering has been a matter of concern for law-enforcement and tax authorities for generations, the priority of stopping those who seek to conceal and launder funds took on a new imperative with the events of 9/11. With this eye-opening day's events, it became apparent that "following the money" was one way of detecting and, hopefully, forestalling such events.

With each passing year, with each transgression detected, new schemes are uncovered and new procedures initiated to detect current paths of concealment. As a result, the area of anti-money laundering is a very fluid regulatory concern covering a broad array of domestic industries. Anti-money laundering (AML) does not just affect the broker/dealer and securities industry but also the banking, credit, life insurance, and even money-sending industries. Each industry has its own unique set of problems that must be addressed. Each industry must devote substantial time and money to address the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

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