Firm Element Gifts, Gratuities and Regulation

Gifts, Gratuities and Regulation

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Ever since goods and services were first offered to customers, 'specials', 'deals', 'buy one, get one free', and other incentives have been offered to increase sales and spread the word about the seller's product. The securities industry has been no different; clients are offered discount pricing on trades, bonus on annuities, and 'free' research on an array of investment opportunities.

Topics Covered

This course covers the following topics: Lesson 1: The What and Why of Budgeting Lesson 2: Strategic Planning and Budgeting Lesson 3: Profit Planning: Targeting and Reaching Achievable Goals Lesson 4: Administering the Budget: Reports, Analyses, and Evaluations Lesson 5: Cost Behavior: Emphasis on Flexible Budgeting and Contribution Margin Lesson 6: Responsibility Accounting and Reporting to Management Lesson 7: Master Budget: Genesis of Forecasting and Profit Planning Lesson 8: Using Variance Analysis to Evaluate Performance Lesson 9: Budgeting Sales and Sales Forecasts Lesson 10: Budgeting Manufacturing Costs Lesson 11: Budgeting for Sales, Advertising, and Distribution Expenses Lesson 12: Budgeting General and Administrative Expenses Lesson 13: Budgeting Research and Development Lesson 14: Cash Flow Forecasting and Cash Budgeting Lesson 15: Use of a Spreadsheet Program and Software for Budgeting Lesson 16: Budgeting Capital Expenditures Lesson 17: Zero-Base Budgeting: Priority Budgeting for Best Resource Allocation Lesson 18: Budgeting for Service Organizations Lesson 19: Budgeting for Non-Profit Organizations



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