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Learn2Serve Oregon Alcohol Server Education

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  • Course Delivery: On Demand
  • Credit Hours: 4
  • Credit Type: Certificate


This course provides you with all the necessary knowledge and techniques you need to be a responsible server of alcohol and qualifies you to take the Oregon Alcohol Service Permit test. Specifically, you will learn: how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability; how alcohol affects your customers; how to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers; how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated; how to intervene when you need to refuse a sale to someone; how to prevent and deal with disturbances; how to accurately check IDs and recognize minors; how to prevent second-party sales and loitering; and how to refuse a sale.

Completing this course is the first step to getting an Oregon Alcohol Service Permit.

After completing this course, students must visit the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal to create an acount, take a test, and submit a permit application. If approved, the permit will be emailed to the student by the OLCC.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand alcohol use.
  • Define alcohol's effects.
  • Know how to make a "good faith effort" to remove a drink from a visibly intoxicated person.
  • Recognize the server's role in the enhancement of public safety.
  • Know the server's responsibilities and obligations under the law.
  • Learn what BAC means and how it is calculated.
  • Know the effects of mixing alcohol with other drugs.
  • Be able to recognize intoxicated individuals.
  • Be able to refuse a sale to someone with little conflict.
  • Prevent disturbances in the establishment and handle difficult situations.
  • Check IDs accurately, and recognize clues for when an individual is using a fake ID.
  • Recognize second-party sales.

Topics Covered

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: How Alcohol Affects the Body
Lesson 3: Recognizing Intoxicated Customers
Lesson 4: Minors and Checking ID
Lesson 5: How to Refuse a Sale
Lesson 6: Oregon's Basic Retail Liquor Laws


Regulatory Information

Learn2Serve Oregon On-Premises - Oregon Liquor Control Commission

  • Name:
  • Oregon Liquor Control Commission
  • Phone:
  • 503-872-5025
  • Fax:
  • Website URL:
  • https://www.oregon.gov/OLCC/Pages/index.aspx
  • Email Address:
  • Address:
  • 9079 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd. P.O. Box 22297
  • City:
  • Milwaukie
  • State:
  • OR
  • Zip:
  • 97222

End of Course Instructions

Completing your Alcohol Server Education Class is the first step in getting your Oregon Alcohol Service Permit.
The next step is to visit the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal to pass the test and complete your application.
1. Create an account HERE. (You will need your own email, not manager's email.)
Upload your Proof of Class Completion document to your account to unlock the test.
2. Pass the test. (50 questions, 70% to pass, unlimited tries)
3. Complete your OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Application online, and pay the application fee.
4. Download, save or print your Temporary Alcohol Service Permit. Keep that until you receive your official permit.

5. Once approved, your Official Alcohol Service Permit will be emailed to you, so make sure your email address is correct. (Digital copy is enough, not required to print)

OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal
Check out the FAQ's for OLCC Alcohol Service Permits HERE.
You can find the User Guide for the portal HERE.



This course does not include an exam, but there is an exam on the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal.

After completing this course, you'll recieve a "Proof of Class Completion" PDF document with your name and completion number. Upload that document to your account on the OLCC Alcohol Service Permit Portal to unlock the exam. (70% to pass, unlimited attempts)

Further instructions are available on the OLCC website.

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