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Let 360training.com take care of all your Human Resource and Compliance training needs! With courses in conflict resolution, harassment, and business ethics, our updated course content will train your employees to be prepared for anything.

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Top 10 courses for HR, Ethics & Compliance

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Harassment and Discrimination for Managers (Comprehensive Course)
Harassment and Discrimination for Managers (Comprehensive Course)
24 Reviews
$30.00 $50.00
Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Harassment and Discrimination for Employees (Comprehensive Course)
Harassment and Discrimination for Employees (Comprehensive Course)
8 Reviews
$30.00 $50.00

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Maintain workplace compliance and preparedness with 360training.com

As a human resource professional, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and ethical direction of your company and its employees. With a comprehensive library of HR and Compliance courses, 360training.com can help you keep your workforce well-informed and ready for the potential hazards of their work environment.

Ethics and Code of Conduct

To be certain of what is right or wrong in the workplace, employees need a clear code of conduct. By having a standard in place, you limit the possibility of having conflict within your organization and make the work environment a safer place to be. Ethics courses in business, finance, and government specifically train employees maintain the principles of these industries.

Banking and Financial Compliance

Learn how to be aware of schemes like money laundering or fraud with 360training.com's Banking and Financial Compliance training courses. By examining government regulations and patterns of financial crime, students of these courses will be able to report suspicious activity.

Corporate Compliance

This type of training will equip employees to be aware of corrupt activity within the business sphere. Topics like bribery, anti-trust laws, and conflicts of interest will give students a thorough knowledge of unethical corporate dealings.

HR Compliance

To ensure harmony among your staff, a proper training program should be in place for new and existing employees. Those taking part in these courses will learn about diversity in the workplace, sexual harassment and discrimination, and employee health and safety. Avoid conflict by keeping your workforce knowledgeable of the potential risks around them.

Information Security Awareness and Privacy

As a growing business tool, the internet is a great way to connect with the co-workers, conduct research, market to potential clients, and transfer data within an organization. However, because of hackers and cyber criminals, employees are at risk of putting crucial information into the wrong hands. Take our Privacy and Data Protection training to learn how to handle sensitive digital information.

Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention

While we'd all like to think of the office as a safe work environment, it is vital to prepare employees for the event of an active aggressor within the workplace. Our brand-new Active Shooter course guides you toward creating and implementing an effective safety plan.


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