FAR Compliance

This training presents a comprehensive syllabus or individual course offerings that cover: the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and its subparts - specifically subpart 9.5), the possible violations of FAR and sanctions thereof, the Truth and Negotiations Act (TINA), the criteria for compliance to TINA, how cost or pricing affects TINA, responsibilities of contracting officers, problems faced by contractors and how these can be resolved, the Procurement Integrity Act (FAR subpart 3.104), the responsibilities of agencies and bidders, the types of source selection information (SSI), the types of information that should not be obtained or disclosed, and others.

Individual Courses

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Federal Acquisition Regulation: An Overview (Compliance Snapshot)
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Federal Acquisition Regulation: Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA) (Compliance Snapshot)
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Federal Acquisition Regulation: Procurement Integrity (Compliance Snapshot)
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Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) - Comprehensive Course
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