Employment Law Compliance Management Basics

Management Basics

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A company is a group of people, each working in their individual capacity to achieve their targeted goals, and ultimately the goals of the company. A company becomes an organization when it is supported by the right process and managed correctly. This enables all employees to understand the management principles and to align their personal goals with the larger company goals. Through an organized structure and good management, they acquire greater knowledge about their own job role and responsibilities. This also enables managers to acquire the most effective management style that suits not only the culture of company but helps achieve the goals for the entire organization as a single team.

This course covers the basics and principles of good management that can lead to success in an organization.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the evolving role of the manager.
  • Understand the focus of a manager's job and how to best serve the organization.
  • Identify the six management styles and when to apply them.
  • Recognize the common management challenges and how to resolve them.

Topics Covered

  • Basic Management Principles
  • Types of Management Styles
  • Planning and Decision Making
  • Management Tips

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Passing rate for Final Exam is 75%.


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