Privacy and Data Protection Electronic Communication in the Workplace

Electronic Communication in the Workplace

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This course introduces the topic of electronic communication in the workplace. All levels of employee - from the CEO to the part-time receptionist, and everyone in between - need to learn the appropriate and secure way to use email and other types of online communications.

There are many forms of electronic communication; email being the most prevalent and carrying the most risk. Other forms of electronic communication include the usage of blogs (personal and business), social networking sites, online bulletin boards and other Internet-based information-sharing tools.

The course covers the recommended best practices for company email usage, when and how to use social networking sites, when not to use e-communication at all, and much more. This course provides an updated look at the potential risks associated with electronic communications and gives business people some best practices to put into place within their workplaces or other online business interactions.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to do the following:
- Explain the best practices for electronic communications in the workplace
- Define the situations in which face-to-face or phone communication should be used instead of online communication
- Explain the company's ownership of and the employee's lack of privacy in regard to workplace electronic communications
- Explain the guidelines for using social networking sites, blogs, emails and IMs at work
- Identify the six 'danger zones' in email communication
- Detail the risks in electronic communications





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