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Convenient distribution and warehouse training courses that are designed to keep you up to speed with the industry's technical and business practices.

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Distribution and Warehouse Management Series Package

Covers fork trucks, AGVs, conveyors, sorters, AKL & ASRS cranes, and more.




What Does a Warehouse Training Course Include? 

Distribution warehouse maintenance training courses typically cover a range of topics essential for the efficient and safe operation of warehousing and distribution facilities. This includes the operation and maintenance of equipment like forklifts, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) cranes. 

Safety training is a significant component, focusing on emergency procedures, proper handling techniques, and understanding the various warning mechanisms and sensors. Courses also often cover the basics of distribution and warehouse management, understanding the distribution chain, and the technical and business practices relevant to the industry.

Why Do Warehouse Employees and Supervisors Need Training?

Distribution training and warehouse training courses are crucial for warehouse employees and supervisors to ensure a safe, efficient, and compliant operation. 

Proper training helps in reducing the risk of accidents and injuries by educating workers on safety protocols and proper equipment handling. It enhances operational efficiency by providing knowledge of the latest industry practices and technologies. 

For supervisors, training is vital for managing teams effectively, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and making informed decisions that affect the warehouse's productivity and safety.

What Training Is Most Important for Warehouse Workers? 

The most important warehouseman training includes safety training, equipment handling, and operational efficiency. Safety training through warehouse classes covers emergency procedures, safe lifting techniques, and understanding the warehouse environment's potential hazards. 

Equipment handling training is essential for anyone operating forklifts, pallet jacks, or other machinery, focusing on safe operation and maintenance. Operational efficiency training involves understanding warehouse processes, inventory management, and best practices to optimize workflows and reduce errors. 

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