How A Manager Can Add Users via Invitation Feature?

How  to Add Users via Invitation Feature

· Create a User Group First

1. Click Manage User Groups

2. Click Add User Groups

3. Enter the name of the user  group

4. Select an Organization Group

5. Click Finish

6. On Manage User Groups, click  the name of the user group you created

7. Click Courses

8. Click Add Course

9. Click Search and enter the  course name in the course name field then click Search

10. Select the course

11. Click Finish


· Create the Invitation

1. Click Add Users: Invitation

2. Click Add Invitation

3. Enter Invitation Name

4. Enter Passcode

5. Select the Number of  Registrations. Either Unlimited or a Maximum Of X number of registrations

6. Select the Organization Group

7. Select the User Group from the Available User Group box and then click the >> button. Click Next

8. Enter Invitation Message then  click Next

9. Click Send me a copy before  clicking Finish

10. Once you receive the copy of the invitation on your email, you may forward this to the users who need the training of the course.

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