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How Can a Manager Delete the Account/Profile of the Employee?

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete an account/profile of an employee once created. You can only DISABLE the account/profile of an employee, so it will become inaccessible. However, disabling an account/profile will not remove the name of the specific employee to the list of your employees under your 'Manage Users' page.

  • To disable the employee’s account/profile, you have to log in to your manager’s account. Then, click the ‘Users & Groups' on the top right side of the page.


  • Tick the box corresponding to the name of the employee who you would like to disable the account/profile. Then, click the ‘DISABLE USER’ button.


  • Click ‘OK’ on the pop-up confirmation page. 


  • After confirmation, the account/profile of the employee is now disabled, and it should now show as 'YES' which corresponds to the name of the learner under the 'Account Locked' column. 

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