How  to Create a Training Plan for Employees

1. Log in as a Manager

2. Click Plan and Enroll 

3. On the next screen: On the left-hand side, click Manage Training Plans

4. Then, click Add Training Plan tab;

5. On the next screen: Type in your Training Plan Name on the field provided.  On the Description field, you may add a brief note of what your training plan is all about.  Then click Next

6. On the next screen:  Click Search and enter the name of the course in Course Name field, then click Search.

7. Once the list of course/s appears, select the course/s by ticking the box on the left, then click Next.

...On the next screen, this is what you should see

8. If you're satisfied with the setup, click Finish

9. If you want to add more courses  in the training plan

· Click Manage Training Plans

· Click Search

· Enter the Training Plan Name  then click Search

· Click the Training Plan Name

· Click Courses

· Click Add Course

· Click Search and enter the name  of the course in course name field

· Select the course/s then click  finish

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