How to Monitor and Run Progress Reports for Employees?

After you have purchased a training program and assigned employees to courses, you have the option to monitor and run progress reports.

Downloading  Progress Reports

If you want to get an idea of how your employees are  doing in their training, you can run reports and monitor their progress by  following these steps:

1. After you have logged into the LMS, click Reports.

2. Then click Performance.  Scroll down and find the report label Learner  Performance by Course (Comprehensive) and select it. 

3. Next, enter a Start  Date and an End Date. The Start  Date is the enrollment date of the learner. Note that if the learner was enrolled in 2017, and you enter a 2018 date, learners enrolled in 2017 will not show up in the report.

You may also add this Report option to your Favorites by clicking on the STAR icon located at the right-hand side of the screen beside the Save Copy and Edit button:

4. Click Execute  Report.

5. On the next page click the Excel  File icon to download the generated report.  Access the downloaded zip folder and click on the file contained in it:

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