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Basic Safety Orientation (GI)

Employees may be exposed to many safety and health hazards while on the job. These include chemical hazards, fire hazards, electrical hazards, confined space hazards, etc. This course aims to present an overview of some basic workplace hazards and how employees can protect themselves from them. This course introduces you to the most common health and safety hazards you might face in general industry and how you can protect yourself from injury. We'll cover fire and electrical hazards, lockout/tagout precautions, and the dangers of working in confined spaces. You'll learn about bloodborne pathogens, temperature stress, and personal protective equipment (PPE). We'll also discuss hazard communication and basic first aid. If you're covered by OSHA's general industry standards, you can benefit from this course. "General Industry" is an umbrella that applies to all industries that aren't specifically mentioned in other OSHA regulations. If that means you're NOT in the construction and maritime industries, you're covered by general industry. That includes everything from healthcare to factory operations, manufacturing, and warehousing. Below are the learning objectives of our ‘Basic Safety Orientation (GI)’ course: - Identify and take basic preventive measures against chemical hazards. - Examine proper respiratory and personal protective equipment (PPE). - Assess preventative measures protecting against workers falling from elevated work places. - Illustrate the procedures involved in locking/tagging out equipment. - Recommend protective measures for preventing confined space hazards. - Discuss fire hazard prevention. - Demonstrate basic first aid procedures. - Relate how to protect oneself from the threat of bloodborne pathogens. - Describe how to protect oneself from heat and cold stresses. The course has (2) two lessons covering the topics below: Lesson 1: Hazard Communication •Introduction •Hazard Communication •Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Lesson 2: Workplace Hazards and Protection •Electrical Hazards •Fall Protection •Lockout/Tagout •Confined Space Hazards •Fire Prevention • Basic First Aid •Bloodborne Pathogens • Temperature Stress You will be required to take and pass the 'Quiz Assessments' and 'Post Assessment' (Final Exam) by achieving a passing score of 70% or above to successfully complete the course. Once you finish your course, you can print your certificate of completion right away. Please click here for further details on how to access your certificate upon completion. To enroll for the course, click here.

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