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Hazardous Substances and Industrial Hygiene

Our 'Hazardous Substances and Industrial Hygiene' course will introduce the contents of 29 CFR 1910 Subpart Z, which deals with toxic and hazardous substances. The course will focus on the aspects of Subpart Z, which deal with keeping hazardous chemicals and materials from negatively affecting your health. This includes the use of personal protective equipment, decontamination procedures in the event of exposure to hazardous materials, and the procedures in place for conducting first aid and recording an incident of exposure in the workplace. Below are the learning objectives of our ‘Hazardous Substances and Industrial Hygiene’ course: – Describe how the body can be exposed to toxic substances. – Discuss the methods by which you can detect a toxic substance. – Name effects that toxic substances can have on the body. – Illustrate how to reduce exposure to toxic substances. The course has (2) two lessons covering the topics below: Lesson 1: Exposure to Toxic Substances •How Can the Body be Exposed to Toxic Substances? •Clues of Exposure to Toxic Substances •Why is the Material Safety Data Sheet Needed? Lesson 2: Effects and Exposure •The Effects of a Toxic Substance on the Body •How to Reduce Exposure •Exposure Measurement and Monitoring You will be required to take and pass the ‘Quiz Assessments’ and ‘Post Assessment’ (Final Exam) by achieving a passing score of 70% or above to successfully complete the course. Once you finish your course, you can print your certificate of completion right away. Please click here for further details on how to access your certificate upon completion. If you work with or near hazardous substances or toxic chemicals in the workplace, you need this course! To enroll for the course, click here.

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