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Respirable Crystilline Silica Safety Awareness Course: General Industry

Respirable crystalline silica dust is a very small particle of hazardous dust from drilling, crushing, cutting, or grinding rocks and has been linked to several medical conditions and even death to workers exposed to the deadly dust. OSHA estimates 2.3 million American workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica within their job site or manufacturing plant, so it’s vital that you complete our 'Respirable Crystilline Silica Safety Awareness Course: General Industry' course to learn how to safely work with silica dust to prevent negative health effects. Throughout the course you will learn safe sandblasting operation guidelines, silica exposure control programs, and how to address appropriate hazard exposure controls. You will also learn what happens after you’re exposed to silica dust including exposure identification sampling, medical evaluations, and continued medical surveillance. Below are the learning objectives of our ‘Respirable Crystilline Silica Safety Awareness Course: General Industry’ course: – Identify materials which contain silica – Understand the health hazards of respirable crystalline silica – Explain the OSHA regulation on respirable crystalline silica for general industry – Be informed of the key provisions of the OSHA General Industry standard 29 CFR 1910.1053 – Describe the federal guidance for medical surveillance – Analyze exposure control techniques to protecting general industry workers from silica exposure The course covers the topics below: •What is Silica? •What workers are exposed to crystalline silica? •Health Hazards of Silica Exposure •Exposure Assessment Options •Regulated Areas and Abrasive Blasting •Exposure Control Options •Hazard Communication You will be required to take and pass a ‘Post Assessment’ (Final Exam) by achieving a passing score of 80% or above to successfully complete the course. Once you finish your course, you can print your certificate of completion right away. Please click here for further details on how to access your certificate upon completion. To enroll for the course, click here.

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