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Is your MSHA New Miner Training course approved by MSHA?

Our MSHA New Miner Training meets the 4 hours training requirement of MSHA Part 46 training plan for new miners. Part 46 training plans do not require MSHA approval as long as they meet the requirements of the rule. As per MSHA Part 46 Training requirements, any new miners should have no less than 4 hours of training in the following subjects before they begin work at the mine:
  • An introduction to the work environment, including a visit and tour of the mine, or portions of the mine that are representative of the entire mine (walk-around training). The method of mining or operation utilized must be explained and observed;
  • Instruction on the recognition and avoidance of electrical hazards and other hazards present at the mine, such as traffic patterns and control, mobile equipment (e.g., haul trucks and front-end loaders), and loose or unstable ground conditions;
  • A review of the emergency medical procedures, escape and emergency evacuation plans, in effect at the mine, and instruction on the fire warning signals and firefighting procedures;
  • Instruction on  the  health  and  safety  aspects  of  the  tasks  to  be  assigned, including  the  safe  work  procedures  of  such  tasks,  the  mandatory  health and   safety   standards   pertinent   to   such   tasks,   information   about   the physical  and  health  hazards  of  chemicals  in  the  miner's  work  area,  the protective  measures  a  miner  can  take  against  these  hazards,  and  the contents of the mine's HazCom program;
  • Instruction on the statutory rights of miners and their representatives under the Act;
  • A review and description of the line of authority of supervisors and miners' representatives and the responsibilities of such supervisors and miners' representatives; and
  • An introduction to your rules and procedures for reporting hazards.
Our MSHA New Miner Training package includes and meets the mentioned subjects required for the 4 hours training requirements of Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Part 46 regulations. Moreover, MSHA considers computer based or other interactive training technologies to be training "methods," to be used by a competent person effectively and appropriately. This would not necessarily require that the competent person be in the room at all times; however, the competent person must be available to evaluate the trainee's progress, and answer questions as they arise. Please click here for the complete MSHA Part 46 Reference Guide.

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