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Is your OSHA-30 online training ‘actively proctored’?

As per NY DOB, if the online training is not performed in person, the course provider must confirm the identification of the individual prior to providing secure access to the online training. The individual must attest that they are the individual who received the online access and that they will complete the training without assistance. The online program must have secure access and monitor participation during the course of training to ensure that the individual receiving the training is present for the entirety of the training., Inc. confirms the below statements in compliant with NY DOB regulations:

  • We verify learner’s identity through validation questions being asked throughout the course. The learner reads and accepts an acknowledgment statement of personal responsibility before accessing the final exam.
  • An acknowledgment statement is available for learners at the end of the course, before learner can access the final exam to ensure learner has personally completed the course without any assistance and learner cannot access the final exam until he accepts the acknowledgment statement.
  • We maintain all the learners’ records in our LMS. (Learning Management System).

Validation Questions: In the beginning of the course the learner is asked for some personal information (e.g. nick name, favorite teacher name, etc.) and the learner must correctly answer those questions during the course, otherwise, the course gets locked if a wrong answer is given. Learner calls customer support to unlock the course.

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