What should I put in the ‘Reporting Fields’ on the ‘Course Credit Confirmation’ page of my OSHA Outreach Training course?

Upon initial launch of your OSHA Outreach Training course, you will be asked to fill out the ‘Reporting Fields’ on the ‘Course Credit Confirmation’ page before you can start accessing the course.

Sample screenshot below.

The ‘Reporting Fields’ must be the mailing address where we will deliver your official OSHA DOL Card.

To ensure the delivery of your official OSHA DOL Card, please make sure to supply and enter a correct and valid mailing address where would you like to receive your official OSHA DOL Card. If possible, the mailing address should be valid and verified address by USPS. You may want to look up the mailing address on this link: https://tools.usps.com/go/ZipLookupAction!input.action.

Do not put OSHA’s address or any labor office address.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Support for any questions and clarifications through this link: https://www.360training.com/support or email at support@360training.com