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Do you have training solutions for use outside the United States?

Workplace health and safety is not just a national problem, it’s something that needs to be addressed at an international level as well. Our international training courses will ensure you understand worldwide health and safety regulations, as well as HAZMAT communications so that you can safely complete your work no matter where you’re located. Explore our international training courses by clicking here.

In addition, Canadian Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) legislation was enacted to protect workers throughout the country. However, it’s not effective if you don’t understand your rights and responsibilities. That’s why one of the largest contributors to OSH’s success is the required health and safety training that many Canadian workers have to take. Explore our safety and health training courses for Canada to find the right one to meet your needs by clicking here.

If you need information on bulk pricing or group enrollments, you may email our Sales Department at or dial (888) 360 8764 to be better assisted. We are open from 8AM CST to 8PM CST, Mondays through Fridays.

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