Our 24  Hour Arizona Real Estate Continuing Education course has been reviewed and accepted by the ADRE for online distribution. The real estate program covers 24 hours of courses, required by The Arizona Department of Real Estate, that apply toward Real Estate CE course completion certificate.
Courses in the package include:
•Estimating Gross Living Areas for Residential Properties (3 Hours General RE Education)  
•Deeds (3 Hours Fair Housing Issues)   
•Real Life Real Estate:  Arizona Disclosure Issues (3 Hours Disclosures)   
•Arizona Contract Law (3 Hours Contract Law)   
•Home Inspection (4 Hours General RE Education)  
•Real Life Real Estate:  Arizona Agency Law (3 hours Agency Law)  
•Titles and Records (3 hours Real Estate Legal Issues)   
•Arizona CE Real Life Real Estate: Arizona Commissioner’s Rules (3 hours Commissioner's Standards)   

Course Objectives

Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this package, the student should be able to: The concepts and definition of an agency relationship and fiduciary duties together with understanding confidentiality and due diligence and creation and termination of agency and employment.

  • Dual agency requirements, disclosures, and procedures.
  • Explain the elements of a valid deed
  • Discuss the different types of deeds and how they are used
  • List the various types of estates and ownership
  • Name and explain the components of a valid contract
  • Identify the differences between a unilateral and bilateral contract

Subject Matter Expert

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End of Course Instructions

Upon completion of each course, you will be prompted to download your course certificate which you will submit to the Arizona  Real Estate Commission for CE credit.

Quiz Information

You are required to pass the quizzes to move on to the next lesson.   


You will be required to pass the final exam with an 80% in order to receive course credit.