How do I know if my TX Real Estate Continuing Education courses have already been reported to TREC?

Upon successful completion of your Continuing Education course, 360training will submit your credits to Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) within 10 days after completion. Once your course completion has been reported, it will show up on your education history in TREC website.

To view your education history, you may go to TREC main website or click this link:

Then, enter your ‘License Number’ or ‘Name’ on the ‘License Holder Search’ field. Screenshot of the page below.

When doing a name search on the ‘License Holder Search’ field, you can enter organization names or individual names. Individual names are in the “Last Name, First Name Middle Name” format.

Partial values are allowed in all fields that allow text entry, for example “smith, j” will bring up all license holders whose last name ends smith and first name begins with j (ex. “smith, john” or “goldsmith, james”).

After searching your record, on the next page, you will be able to see your license details and you should see your completed CE courses under the ‘Real Estate Education History’. Sample below.

If your course completions are not showing on your Education History, please feel free to contact Customer Support through this link: