Why do I need to fill out and submit a Distance Education Reporting Form (DERF)?

Upon successful completion of your Texas Real Estate Continuing Education course, 360training will submit your credits to Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) within 10 days after completion.

If for some reason your credits were not submitted to TREC after 10 days from completion, you are required to fill out a TREC Distance Education Reporting Form (DERF) for us to be able to submit your credits to TREC as per requirement.

Below is a sample of the said form and it should be one filled out form for each completed course.

You have to fill out everything in the form EXCEPT the last 3 fields at the bottom part, the ‘Signature of Provider or Authorized Signer’, ‘Printed Name of Provider or Authorized Signer’, and ‘Date’, as we will be the one who fills these out.

If you have any questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact Customer Support at support@360training.com