Kentucky Alcohol Server-Seller Training

How do I get my Kentucky alcohol server-seller STAR certificate?

Simply, complete an approved training program. Once you pass the exam, most programs allow you to access a certificate of completion right away! Your employer will probably want a copy, but you should keep one as well. Enroll in our alcohol server training today to get meet your requirements!

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Does Kentucky law require responsible alcohol server training?

Sort of.

Alcohol server-seller training is recommended by the state of Kentucky but not required. The exception is cases where the Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Cabinet mandates training for businesses that have broken liquor laws.

However, many municipalities require responsible beverage service training for employees of bars, restaurants, and other businesses with on-premises liquor licenses.

Under municipal code § 4-8.08, the City of Bowling Green requires alcohol server training for with an ABC-approved server training program like Learn2Serve by 360training. The course must be completed within 30 days of the first date of employment.

The City of Lexington-Fayette also requires approved server training like Learn2Serve's for anyone who sells or serves alcoholic beverages.

Other municipalities require the Kentucky ABC's Server Training in Alcohol Regulations (STAR) instead.

It's always best practice to check with your employer or your local liquor authority and make sure you're meeting the training requirements where you live.

How long does alcohol server certification last in Kentucky?

It depends on your jurisdiction's requirements.

Kentucky recommends STAR training every 3 years. Bowling Green requires recertification every 3 years. But other municipalities may vary.

Why should I take Kentucky alcohol server training?

In some jurisdictions, like Lexington and Bowling Green, alcohol server training is mandatory. 

Where training isn't required by law, many employers will require you to complete training, or just prefer to hire applicants that do. Sometimes it's because the local ABC board will reduce fines for employers who require training. Other times, employers want to make sure you know the law so that you can follow it.

Aside from protecting yourself or your employer from legal action or making yourself more employable, learning how to safely refuse service to someone who is intoxicated can save a life.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 2,041 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in Kentucky from 2003 to 2012. That's higher than the national average once you account for population size.

What jobs can I get with my responsible alcohol server certificate?

Basically, any business that needs someone to check ID cards before selling alcohol is a place you can work. That includes both businesses that serve alcohol on-premises and stores that sell alcohol for off-premises consumption, including:

  • Bars / Pubs / Taverns
  • Restaurants
  • Liquor stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience stores
  • And more

If you’re curious about how much money you can expect to make, here is some basic wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for bartenders and barbacks in Kentucky:

Job Title Average Hourly Wage Average Yearly Wage
Bartender $9.39 $19,530
Bartender Helper (Barback) $9.63 $20,020

Where can I get more information about alcohol training in Kentucky?

You can find more information about alcohol sales in Kentucky, you can check the state's ABC Cabinet website.

If you are looking for more course-specific information from us check out our Kentucky alcohol server training.


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