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What is a Bar Card in Nebraska?

A bar card or alcohol seller certificate verifies that you’ve completed an alcohol server-seller training program.

Does Nebraska law require an Alcohol Server License?

It depends on the jurisdiction where you work.

The state of Nebraska strongly encourages alcohol server-seller training but considers it voluntary unless it is required by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission (LCC) after a liquor law violation.

However, individual cities or counties in Nebraska do require training, including the following jurisdictions:

Other cities or counties may also have requirements. You should check with your city/county or employer to make sure you comply with local regulations.

Please note, Learn2Serve alcohol seller-server training is not recognized by state or local governments in Nebraska.

How long does a Bartender License last?

It varies by jurisdiction, where it's required. Training is valid for three years in Lincoln and Kearney, but you should check with your employer or city clerk's office to learn local requirements.

Why should I take Nebraska alcohol server training?

If you work in certain Nebraska cities, alcohol server training is required.

Even when it's not required by law, employers may require or prefer to hire employees who have completed training. It reduces the risk that you'll violate liquor law and endanger their license.

Even for first offenses, the LCC's penalty schedule calls for at least 5-10 days' license suspension for most violations. That can represent a huge loss of revenue. Nebraska also has a Dram Shop law that applies specifically to serving minors. Establishments can be held liable if you serve alcohol to someone under 21 and they injure someone else.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were a total of 682 people killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in Nebraska from 2003 to 2012.  Considering Nebraska's population, that's actually higher than the national average. In addition to your legal liability in these situations, you have an opportunity as an alcohol server or seller to bring those numbers down.

What jobs can I get with my alcohol seller training?

If you're wondering what jobs require certification in the jurisdictions where it's the law, you'll need to check with your employer or local government.

But generally speaking, alcohol server/seller training is useful in a wide range of jobs. It can help if you serve alcohol for consumption on-premises, as a bartender or waiter in a restaurant or similar establishment. It's also useful for store clerks of off-premises establishments like grocery, convenience, and liquor stores.

And if you’re curious about how much money you can expect to make, here is some basic wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for bartenders and barbacks in Nebraska.

Job Title Average Hourly Wage Average Yearly Wage
Bartender $10.64 $21,570
Bartender Helper (Barback) $10.73 $22,320

Where can I get more information about alcohol training in Nebraska?

You can find more about alcohol sales on the LCC’s website, including:

  • LCC hearings, agendas, and results
  • Licensing forms
  • Statutes, suspensions, and fines
  • Weekly activity reports

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