New York ATAP Alcohol Awareness Training

How do I get my New York alcohol training certificate?

Getting alcohol server training in New York is simple:

  1. Complete a state-approved training program 
  2. Pass a multiple-choice final exam
  3. Get a certificate of completion right away

Enroll in our New York-approved alcohol server training course today to get started!


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New York ATAP Certification (Off-Premises)

Enroll in our New York off-premises alcohol training awareness program (ATAP).

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New York ATAP Certification (On-Premises)

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Is this the same as TIPS Training?

TIPS is a New York-certified training provider, just like Learn2Serve by 360training. Our New York ATAP course provides the same level of credential as TIPS but much more affordable.

What is New York ATAP certification?

New York ATAP certification verifies that you've successfully completed a New York-approved Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP), like the one we offer at Learn2Serve by 360training.

Does New York law require alcohol server training?

Alcohol server training isn't required by state law, though the state government strongly recommends it.

However, many New York employers require training certified by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA). That's because NYSLA will reduce penalties for your employer if you accidentally break the law while you have valid ATAP certification.

Under NY ABC § 65.6 & 65.7, training can be considered as an affirmative defense if:

  • the employee who committed the liquor law violation holds a valid NYSLA-approved certificate of completion
  • the employee has diligently implemented and complied with the training program
  • The liquor license holder has had no violations in the past five years

Training can also be used to reduce the penalty 25% if the employee provides proof of training within 90 days after the penalty.

How long does ATAP certification last?

New York ATAP Certification expires 3 years after the issue date.

Why should I take New York alcohol server training?

Many employers in New York will require alcohol server training due to the mitigating benefits of ATAP.

That's important because NYSLA considers selling alcohol to a minor to be one of the most serious violations of ABC law in New York. Law enforcement often sends undercover agents for compliance checks and they're authorized to lie about their age.

Selling to a visibly intoxicated person is also a serious violation. In addition, New York has a Dram Shop law that places liability on drinking establishments for third party damages that result from the sale of alcohol to an intoxicated person.

That's important because, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a total of 3,752 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in New York from 2003 to 2012.

Program certification doesn't just reduce your employer's consequences for breaking liquor laws. Taking alcohol server education reduces the likelihood that you'll break the law in the first place.

Even if your employer doesn't require it, you might consider a New York-approved ATAP course to reduce your liability.

What jobs can I get with my ATAP certificate?

It depends on which kind of ATAP certification you take.

On-premises ATAP courses prepare you for safe and legal sales as a bartender or waiter in New York bars, restaurants, taverns, and other establishments.

Off-premises ATAP courses cover safe and legal sales for clerks in liquor stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

And if you’re curious about how much money you can expect to make, here is some basic wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for bartenders and barbacks in New York.

Job Title Average Hourly Wage Average Yearly Wage
Bartender $16.73 $34,800
Bartender Helper (Barback) $14.31 $29,760

However, if you are in the top 90th percentile of bartenders, you can make much more money: $26.38 an hour

Where can I get more information about alcohol training in New York?

You can find more information about alcohol sales in New York on NYSLA’s website.

If you are looking for more course-specific information from us check out our New York-approved alcohol server training.

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