Tennessee Responsible Vendor Training

How do I get my Tennessee responsible vendor training?

Required alcohol server-seller certification is a little more complicated in Tennessee than other states, because the steps vary based on the job you want. But in all cases, you need to take a training course. Learn2Serve offers two training courses to meet your requirements: Responsible Wine Vendor and Responsible Beer Vendor. Enroll now to get your certification!

Individual Course

Tennessee Responsible Wine Vendor

Learn about alcohol laws in Tennessee for wine vendors in our training course.

Individual Course

Tennessee Responsible Beer Vendor

Enroll in training to learn about alcohol laws in Tennessee for beer vendors.


Does Tennessee law require alcohol awareness training?

Yes. Tennessee requires alcohol server-seller training for certain employees, but the type of certification you need depends on your job and establishment type:

  • Server Permits are required for anyone serving liquor, wine, or high gravity beer in an establishment with an On-Premises Consumption / Liquor By the Drink License.
  • Manager Permits are required for retail package store managers and retail food store designated managers. It's for individuals that actually control alcohol, wine, or beer operations—unless they're the licensed sole proprietor.
  • Certified Clerk status is required for employees who sell alcoholic beverages or wine at a retail package store or retail food store with a wine license.
    • Alcohol awareness training is required for licensees and clerks when a retail food store, retail package store, or winery has meet Responsible Wine Vendor status.
    • Alcohol awareness training is required for licensees and clerks when a retail food store or off-premise beer retailer has meet Responsible Beer Vendor status.

Please note that Learn2Serve by 360training is NOT an approved provider of server permits in Tennessee.

How do I get a Tennessee Blue Card?

Tennessee used to issue "blue cards" to clerks and managers of off-premises establishments, but that system has been phased out. Now those employees either need to earn a Manager Permit or to become a Certified Clerk.

If someone asked you to earn a "blue card," they probably meant Certified Clerk, unless you are responsible for ordering alcohol from a wholesaler.

Blue cards remain valid for clerks until expired. When it's time to renew, you'll switch to the current certification.

How do I become a Tennessee Certified Clerk?

Take TABC-approved Responsible Beer Vendor training OR Responsible Wine Vendor training within 61 days of your hire date.

Give the certificate of completion to your employer. They have to submit an updated Certified Clerk list annually.

How do I get a TABC Manager's Permit?

Take TABC-approved Responsible Beer Vendor training OR Responsible Wine Vendor training.

You also need to complete a one-hour TABC-approved course covering recent changes in the law, applicable statutes, rules, and regulations.

You'll also need to submit a Certified Manager application through the Regulatory Licensing & Permitting System (RLPS).

How do I get a TABC Server Permit?

Take approved server training and apply through RLPS within 61 days of hire date.

Note: Learn2Serve by 360training is NOT an approved SERVER training provider in Tennessee.

How long does alcohol server training last in Tennessee?

Responsible Beer or Wine Vendor training for Certified Clerks and Manager's Permit holders is valid for ONE year and needs to be refreshed annually.

Server Permits last for five years. You'll need to repeat the required training before the expiration.

Where can I get more information about alcohol training in Tennessee?

You can find more information on the TABC’s website, including:

  • RLPS application tutorials
  • License types and application processes
  • Enforcement information

If you are looking for more course-specific information from us check out our Tennessee Responsible Beer or Responsible Wine Vendor training.

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