Company Procedures for Handling Complaints/Appeals

Standard/Clause No.: (6) Standard/Clause Name: Company Procedures for Handling Complaints/Appeals
Approved By: C. Douglas Sate Approved: 11/14/2017 There shall be written policies and procedures outlined to address, at a minimum, the following:

(6) Complaints and Appeals

The following procedure is put in place to properly respond to complaints or appeals from requests that are received either through the email address or through a phone call received by the Support team.

The “Appeal or Complaint” form will be handled by the Program Manager.

Upon receipt of the proper form (which will be supplied to anyone calling in to Support), the Program Manager will review and assess for presentation to the Management Committee.

The Management Committee is made up of the Product Line Manager, Senior Director of Operations and the Program Manager.

A decision regarding recourse will be decided at a meeting held at the first available date and time.

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