Louisiana Food Handler Card Training

How do I get a food handler card in Louisiana?

Getting your food handler card in Louisiana is very straightforward.  Once you complete a quick course and pass the test, you can access your certificate of completion instantly and deliver it to your employer as proof of training. Be sure to ask if any further measures are required by your local health department. Enroll now to get your food handler certification in Louisiana!


Louisiana Responsible Vendor + ANAB-Accredited Food Handler Training

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ANAB-Accredited Food Handler Training

Get your food handler card in just 2 hours with our ANAB-ASTM accredited course.


Does Louisiana require food handler training?

Food handler training is recommended in Louisiana to support the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH)'s objective of preventing and minimizing foodborne disease outbreaks.

Food handler training includes topics like:

  • Foodborne illnesses, biohazards, spoilage, and contamination
  • Food handling practices to avoid food hazards
  • Time and temperature controls
  • Personal hygiene practices, including proper handwashing techniques
  • Storing and receiving food deliveries properly
  • Cleaning and sanitizing food-contact surfaces and implements effectively

Some cities or counties may have stricter food safety training requirements.  Double check with your city, county, or employer to make sure you get necessary training.

Can I take an online course to get my food handler certificate?

Absolutely. Online food handler training is more convenient, less time-intensive, and more cost-effective than classroom training.

Our food handler certificate course at Learn2Serve, by 360training, is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which follows the highest standards for food handler training.

How long does a Louisiana food handlers permit last?

Louisiana food handler permits generally need to be reissued every 2-3 years, because regular refreshers are important.  Check with your employer or local health authority for exact requirements.

Why should I take food handler training?

First, food handler training can boost your resume when applying for certain jobs, because your prospective employer will know you already have required knowledge.

Second, it's very important to understand food safety principles if you plan to go to work as a food employee in Louisiana.

Food handlers play a big role in preventing (or spreading) foodborne diseases.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 70% of reported norovirus outbreaks are the result of food handlers who are contagious.

Louisiana has a pretty good track record with foodborne illnesses. The CDC reported that there was a total of 7 foodborne disease outbreaks in Louisiana in 2017. That's less than 2 outbreaks per million people—low compared to other states.

If you apply what you learn in food handler training, you can support efforts to keep the number of outbreaks in Louisiana down.

What jobs can I get in Louisiana with my food handler license?

In Louisiana, a food handler license qualifies you for many types of jobs. The training's designed for anyone who works with unpackaged food and/or food-contact surfaces, equipment, or utensils.

That includes positions like:

  • Kitchen staff
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Food runner
  • Catering worker
  • Dishwasher

You can work in a variety of establishments like:

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Lounges or bars
  • Bakeries
  • Food trucks and other mobile food vendors
  • Other eateries or markets that serve unpackaged food

And job demand is high because the food and beverage industry in Louisiana is still growing.

According to the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA), in 2019 there were 213,400 restaurant and food service jobs, which translates to 11% of total employment. More importantly, that number is projected to grow 7% by the year 2029.

If you’re looking to get a job in the food and beverage industry in Louisiana, here are some good options, along with how much money you can expect to make based on wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Job Title Average Hourly Wage Average Yearly Wage
Dishwasher $9.07 $18,860
Waiter/Waitress $8.95 $18,630
Fast Food Cook $9.35 $19,440
Restaurant Cook $11.17 $23,230

If you get your food handler card before you apply for any of these jobs, you’ll be way ahead of the competition!

Where can I find more information about food safety in Louisiana?

Louisiana Department of Health (LDH): Find consumer and retail food safety solutions, inspection reports, permit information, and food safety requirements here.

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF): Find food safety information regarding produce safety, meat/poultry safety, and more.

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