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360training.com is happy to announce a partnership with University of Phoenix that will enable our students to combine cutting edge, online learning with the ability to gain college credit. Through the program, students will not only learn skills for specialized careers but potentially fulfill general education or elective credits toward a collegiate degree.

How do you take advantage of the college credit?

  • Students who enroll in our high demand legal and medical courses are eligible for college credits. Note the specific University of Phoenix badge on applicable courses.
  • Enroll from a list of courses containing the University of Phoenix badge and complete the courses to earn qualified credit hours.

What are the Steps to Receiving Credit?

  1. Students must go through PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) process found here
  2. Understand the requirements for being eligible for college credits found here
  3. Understand the submission process found here
  4. Start talking to the university to discuss the status of your application

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